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Bernie Langille Wants to Know…Who Killed Bernie Langille

By Latest Projects

Recreating the story of his family narrative through the use of intricate, detailed miniatures, Bernie Langille attempts to piece together the unbelievable puzzle of his grandfather’s mysterious death.


‘Bernie Langille Wants To Know Who Killed Bernie Langille’ is a story about the mysterious, unsolved death of a military electrician in 1968 and the grandson who is obsessed with finding out what happened to the man he is named after. Reenactments of this strange case are told through the use of intricate, detailed miniature sets.

The documentary has its world premiere at Hot Docs and will air on Bravo in 2019. Produced by Jessica Brown and directed & written by Jackie Torrens of Peep Media. 

Small Town Show Biz: 2 Dreams from a Harbourtown

By Latest Projects

Small Town Show Biz follows two people who have show biz jobs in a small town, a rock singer and a pin-up model, and discovers the motivations behind their personas.


Small Town Show Biz: 2 Dreams from a Harbourtown examines the act of making meaning and the motivations behind creative aspirations by following Jackie Smith, the lead singer of Razorboy, an 80’s band that has recently reunited after almost making it big back in the day – and Diana Hart, a blond bombshell who suddenly started acting and pin-up modeling in her 40’s.

STSB premiered to a sold out audience at the FIN: Atlantic Film Festival and then broadcast on CBC and the Documentary Channel. Yorkton Film Festival nominee for Best Arts & Culture Documentary.  Produced by Jessica Brown and directed & written by Jackie Torrens of Peep Media.

My Week On Welfare - a documentary with Jackie Torrens

My Week On Welfare

By Latest Projects

An exploration of the reality versus the stereotypes of people on income assistance.


Award-winning documentarian – and former teenage welfare mother – Jackie Torrens explores stereotypes about welfare recipients by going back on welfare for a week. She finds out what the day-to-day reality of life is really like for people on income assistance in Nova Scotia in 2015. During her week-long stay, she discovers unexpected insights and encounters the complex issues facing those on the system. Produced by Jessica Brown and directed & written by Jackie Torrens of Peep Media.


“Watch as Jackie Torrens crushes stereotypes and unleashes some potent storytelling. Everyone should watch My Week on Welfare, an important piece of made-in-Nova Scotia journalism” Henk van Leeuwen

“This is an extremely well done documentary on welfare life in NS. Jackie Torrens & her colleagues have made a thoughtful, respectful & well researched piece.” Pamela Harrison

“I’m watching My Week on Welfare by @JackieTorrens on @CBCNS right now. Important, personal look inside “the system”. #nspoli” Graham Steele, Author, CBC political analyst, consultant on democratic development, former MLA and Minister of Finance in Nova Scotia

“My Week on Welfare brought the truth into our living rooms. Hopefully the conversation will continue and get louder and stronger.” Sherry Smith

“Jackie Torrens brings us another documentary of note.” Andrew Aulenback

“A big standing ovation for the folks that invited you into their homes and shared their stories….. but it was difficult and painful to watch…. but many, many, many thanks!” Debi Noye

“Absolutely stellar! A+++” Catherine Meyers

“Great and thought provoking job!!!!” Cliff LeJeune

“Righteous!” Cynthia Maillet

“Just watched My Week On Welfare it if you haven’t seen it, you really really should!” Lita Llewellyn

“Jackie Torrens, you aren’t just telling the stories of those particular people; those stories represent so many other people, including me. I also have friends that have stories very similar to the people that you have introduced us to tonight.” Tim Blades

“My Week on Welfare. With Jackie Torrens on CBC. 
If your not already watching,then… watch it.” Laurie Thomas

“A really important film that needs to be seen more widely.” Halifax Humanities

“Thank you for ‘My Week on Welfare. A real eye-opener. #dispellingstereotypes #handup #education #community” Sherry Carmont

“Your doc was eyeopening! I feel wasteful thinking about the $ I spend on food & how much I waste. I’m luckier than I thought.” HaliJenn

“#MyWeekonWelfare was a huge eye opener for me. Thank you for drawing attention to the issue of poverty in Nova Scotia.” Catherine Mac

“Thks @JackieTorrens for showing human suffering caused by paternalistic efforts to “support” the vulnerable: physical/emotional starvation.” Debbie MacKenzie

“Fantastic, moving and eye opening documentary. Well done.” Paula J Finlayson

“This is amazing and important and humbling and brave work. bravo to you, jackie and to the wonderful and brave souls who shared their lives with you and us.” Bernadine Stapleton

“Thanks for championing for these folks and highlighting the daunting challenges that they are faced with on a daily basis.” Kristie Sills

“Worth watching to understand toll of punitive inadequate system; no diff anywhere else in Canada #endpoverty” CCPA-NS

“Thx @jackietorrens lump in my throat & fire in my belly to continue to fight to end poverty. It is a matter of priorities #myWeekonWelfare” Christine Saulnier, CCPA-NS director

“@JackieTorrens I watched it this AM & thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for shedding light on topic. You do great work!” Jen MacKinnon

“Thanks to @JackieTorrens Sherreace Higgins,Aron Scott Spidle, Mahkayden Higgins, Kayla Usher, Jessica Brooks, Robin Hodgson #myweekonwelfare” Holly G

“Thank you @JackieTorrens. My Week on Welfare teaches us so much. @UWHalifax is keen to share your powerful film.” Carole MacDougall

“Tks @JackieTorrens @peep_media #MyWeekOnWelfare clearly showed #ppl trying hard to get by despite multiple barriers #equitable #life for all” Dartmouth Learning Network

“@JackieTorrens’s doc “My Week on Welfare” has left me feeling both grateful for what I have and like I’m not doing enough. #FacesofNSWelfare” Caitlin Hartlin

“Congrats and thank you @JackieTorrens. #myweekonwelfare is all over my feeds. Will watch online. @CBCNS” Lisa Roberts

“We should all take an hour tonight and watch. Most of us, no matter our occasional struggles, never experience this.” John Woodford

“That was eyeopening! I’m feeling a lot more grateful tonight for my employment, clean and safe housing and the ability to buy whatever food strikes my fancy. Even when I thought I had it tough, I still had one foot on Easy St.” Jennifer L. Campbell

“An eyeopener – Thank you for this documentary.” Chris Harwood

“Bravo Ms. Brown, I applaud you and your team!” Pam Smith Jones

“THANK YOU” Cynthia Biggs

“A BIG SHOUT OUT & CONGRATULATIONS TO Jackie Torrens for walking the talk when it comes to learning first-hand about the hardship and stigma of living in poverty.” Lenore Zann, NDP politician Truro/Bible Hill

“I think we all will learn from this.” Maureen MacDonald, Canadian academic and NDP politician. She is a member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, representing the riding of Halifax Needham.

“Terrific eye-opener for many. Let’s hope that many of those with means watched and were at least sympathetic.” Angie Birt

“That was great. Very eye opening and educating. Thank you for making this.” Anton Lucas Fenton

“Phenomenal! That was a real eye opener! Inspiring” Stacy Rudderham

“Very appreciative of @JackieTorrens opening eyes to the shameful mess that is social assistance in NS.” Robert Devet

“Best documentary ever in my opinion! Everything about it was on point! Brilliant really!!” Chandler Karlie

“I watched your Doc “My Week on Welfare” – congratulations on making such an elucidating, informative film.  Man,  in light of the senate scandals, it’s so unfair that society’s most vulnerable are expected to live on peanuts.” Joanne Coffey

“My whole family watched this 45-min. documentary — My Week on Welfare — on CBC last night. My husband and I are previous recipients of social assistance, and my mom concluded her working years on disability until she became a regular pensioner. The life we now enjoy is only possible because the three of us pool our resources and are housemates. The spectre of having to return to assistance is something that haunts me in the back of my mind forever more. In fact, I found it hard to sleep last night, mulling over my current health situation and how I’m mere steps away from the people profiled in the film. We really appreciated how Jackie Torrens’ documentary looked at three different households and thought it was a very solid representation of how people are driven to turn toward the system.” Author Julia Phillips Smith

Edge Of East documentary by Peep Media

Edge Of East

By Latest Projects

Edge of East is a television documentary that gives viewers a chance to explore 3 surprising subcultures that exist on the east coast of Canada.


Award-winning writer and actor Jackie Torrens propels herself off the edge of the east coast by investigating three rich and surprising subcultures that have unique ties to the Maritime identity; the UFO believers of Shag Harbour, the Steampunks of Halifax and the Cowboy Yodelers of King’s County.

Produced by Jessica Brown and directed & written by Jackie Torrens of Peep Media. Selected as one of the top 10 films to watch at the Atlantic Film Festival by The Coast Weekly. Screen Nova Scotia nominee for Best Documentary.

“Fresh, funny and cool. Edge of East should be a series.”

Ed MacDonald, author, Atomic Storybook


“…bizarre, funny and incredibly moving…Torrens neatly crafts a narrative that unifies these three diverse groups of people…” Anne Thériault, Shameless Magazine

“In Edge of East, Jackie Torrens shines a compassionate light on fringe dwellers and finds, at every turn, someone wholly unexpected. Fresh, funny and cool. Edge of East should be a series.”
Ed MacDonald, author, Atomic Storybook

“Edge of East is simply brilliant. Watched it on the weekend. Loved it. More, please!!”
@dartmoothdiva, Lori Errington

“We just fell in love with yodellers, steam punk folks and UFO devotees – all in Nova Scotia! Thank you CBC and Peep Media for EDGE OF EAST!”
Lita Llewellyn @litallewellyn

“This was SO GOOD!”
Halifax Is Burning ‏@HfxIsBurning

“It comes full circle!!!! #EdgeOfEast – We would love to see a full season of this @CBC!”
Quiet Parade ‏@QuietParade  Jul 19

“Whoever composes the music for #edgeofeast is on point. Also what a great show @CBC”
Kuato ‏@KuatoHalifax  Jul 19

“That was great. Very human…makes me want to have an enigmatic backyard showroom I show to no one.”
Matt Lumley

“Loved Edge of East. Loved the characters. Loved the stories. Loved LOVED the way it was shot…So glad I have it recorded so I can re-watch!”
Sherry Smith

“I. Loved. That!! I want more!!”
Tammy Faulkner

“Loving #edgeofeast – Shirley with diamonds in her teeth is such a great character!”
Steven J Bates

“What a wonderful doc: compassionate, respectful, beautiful. I LOVED it…An exceptional and artful exploration of human expression.” Marianne Ward

“Thank you so much for this fabulous doc! My grandmother yodeled on the radio in the 40s and 50s, good to see a young person interested in keeping it alive…thank you for showing subcultures in a good light.”
Kelly Grant

“What a great documentary this is. So well done. I really enjoyed it. The yodellers and their connection to Wilf Carter…Judy and all the colorful characters…so great.”
Bonnie Jordan

“The yodellers were awesome, I knew the name Wilf Carter but didn’t even realize he was from around here. Thanks for all your hard work on this, it was enjoyable :)”
Marina Smith

“Tender and heart warming. Got a tear in my eye there a couple of times.”
Jennifer Porter

“…highly enlightening to watch these quirky subcultures…”
Frank Armstrong