My Week On Welfare

Award-winning documentarian and former teenage welfare mom Jackie Torrens goes back on the system for a week to explore the reality versus the stereotypes of life on income assistance.

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Jackie Torrens explores stereotypes about welfare recipients by going back on welfare for a week. She finds out what the day-to-day reality of life is really like for people on income assistance in Nova Scotia in 2015. During her week-long stay, she discovers unexpected insights and encounters the complex issues facing those on the system. Produced by Jessica Brown and directed & written by Jackie Torrens of Peep Media.

Reviews for ‘My Week On Welfare’

A no-holds barred view into the lives of people caught up in the system

Nova Scotia Advocate

Important, personal look inside the system

Graham Steele, CBC Analyst

An important piece of made-in-Nova-Scotia journalist

Henk van Leeuwen, Exec Director DASC

5 Stars!

Movie Mystic

A fascinating trail to follow

Original Cin


Best Documentary nomination, My Week on Welfare, Screen Nova Scotia

Special recognition in NS Legislature for Peep Media’s contribution to the issue of poverty in NS

Arts Life Honor Roll, Halifax Chronicle Herald