My Week On Welfare

An exploration of the reality versus the stereotypes of people on income assistance.

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Award-winning documentarian – and former teenage welfare mother – Jackie Torrens explores stereotypes about welfare recipients by going back on welfare for a week. She finds out what the day-to-day reality of life is really like for people on income assistance in Nova Scotia in 2015. During her week-long stay, she discovers unexpected insights and encounters the complex issues facing those on the system. Produced by Jessica Brown and directed & written by Jackie Torrens of Peep Media.

Henk van Leeuwen

Watch as Jackie Torrens crushes stereotypes and unleashes some potent storytelling. Everyone should watch My Week on Welfare, an important piece of made-in-Nova Scotia journalism

Pamela Harrison

This is an extremely well done documentary on welfare life in NS. Jackie Torrens & her colleagues have made a thoughtful, respectful & well researched piece.

Graham SteeleAuthor, CBC political analyst, consultant on democratic development, former MLA and Minister of Finance in Nova Scotia

I'm watching My Week on Welfare by @JackieTorrens on @CBCNS right now. Important, personal look inside "the system".

Sherry Smith

My Week on Welfare brought the truth into our living rooms. Hopefully the conversation will continue and get louder and stronger.

Jennifer L. Campbell

That was eyeopening! I'm feeling a lot more grateful tonight for my employment, clean and safe housing and the ability to buy whatever food strikes my fancy. Even when I thought I had it tough, I still had one foot on Easy St.

Lenore ZannNDP politician Truro/Bible Hill

A BIG SHOUT OUT & CONGRATULATIONS TO Jackie Torrens for walking the talk when it comes to learning first-hand about the hardship and stigma of living in poverty.

Chris Harwood

An eyeopener - Thank you for this documentary